A tinka about to eat a Strawberry.

Strawberries are a rare food source on Tinkatolli, you barely see them around. They were released along with open beta, on September 30 2011. Before that, Blueberries were the only food source.

Strawberries can be found only in Canopia, and they reset once every 24 hours. There will usually be about 5-10 per day, so use them wisely!

Like the other foods, they give you energy if you eat them.


On the tinkatolli forum, there is a topic in the Ideas section about a Strawberry fields (possibly a Windy Ways place) with as many strawberries in as Blueberry Hill has Blueberries. This could end up on the cutting room floor.

Where to find them

Strawberries are party berries only. These left Tinkatolli after October 10th, when the Beta Party ended. They may return during another party.

As of December 2011, there are sometimes 10 of them in Canopia Cavern.

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