A zoomed-out picture of Stinkatolli. Without zooming out, some areas of Stinkatolli are unaccessable.

Stinkatolli is a dark and gloopy area in Tinkatolli. There are some green gloop pools, spikey vines, and a crashed robot (Asimov).

To be able to get to all places in Stinkatolli, you will need to be able to Zoom, which you can get with 50 bling.

The junk and organics in stinkatolli is different too. Instead of leaves, you get slates and rocks, some rarer than others. You get fuses and wires as junk in Stinkatolli.

With luck, there are also lots of blings in Stinkatolli. Sometimes there's only 23, and others go up to 61. Very rarely, there will be 76. But that is VERY rare.

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