Quest badge
Quests are a certain string of challanges that you have to do. Once one task is done, you move onto the next.

What is a quest?Edit

To complete a quest you must beat all of the tasks in that perticular quest. If you beat the quest, you can a badge which is a little different to the rest, for the badge has a red outer and is in the shape of a Q!

How many quests are there?Edit

As of November 28 2011, there are 2 quests - the Cavern Crystal quest, which was the first, and the new The Rock Quest. Before The Rock Quest release, everyone already knew about Tinkertown Rock, and many believed it had something to do with a new quest, and they were right.

New quest coming?Edit

There certainly well be! Tinkatown rock has araised the question of a new quest. Most people who play tinkatolli believe that upon the release of tinkatown rock, an entire quest will release, as tinkatown rock as part of it.

In early October 2011, Kevin revealed that you had to build something to get into tinkatown rock. There have also been rumours of OTHER quests, beside tinkatown rock's quest. Who knows? Maybe one day we will log on and find 4 new quests?

On November 24, it was revealed that a new quest would be coming in a couple of days, and it would have 4 parts to it. Tinkertown rock would be part of it. The new quest released on November 28, and a leaked photo showed that you needed a Tinkanoe to make it to Tinkertown Rock, which could be built in One Of.

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