Kelp Key is a place in Tinkatolli, only accessable by Windy Ways by boat. Kelp Key is members only.

Kelp Key is a sandy area, like Sundunia. It is small but you can zoom out and teleport still. Around the back there is a LOT of kelp (hence it's name) and there are lots of mysterious rocks. (Future quest, eh?)

Kelp Key used to have no blings, until the release of open beta, on September 30 2011, when there was a bling update. Now there will be 6-16 blings in there per reset.

The junk in Kelp KeyEdit

Kelp Key's main purpose is to fill member's bags full of rare junk. Around January 2011, you used to be able to find things like rulers in there. Now you can find things like water bottles, papwraps, ect.

The thing about Kelp Key is that if you get all the junk in your bag (there will never be more than 7 pieces in one go), leave, then come back again, there will be new stuff.