Gourd Hunt 2011 - Gourd -1

The first ever Gourd on the island, hidden in the first Tinkatolli Gourd Hunt of 2011.

During Tinkatolli's Halloween celebration of 2011, the staff had decided to make an annual Gourd Hunt, much like the egg hunt, where you will have to find eight, rare gourds in the week before Halloween. When you have found all eight gourds, you will receive a very rare Gourd Hunt Back, the first one being the Halloween Gourd Hunt 2011 badge.

The gourds were made untradable by the staff, and they are unusuals that every tinka can earn for themselves and decorate it in your pad.

  • Gourd 1
  • Gourd 2
  • Gourd 3
  • Gourd 4
  • Gourd 5
  • Gourd 6

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