Dirty Dozen Trader is a shop situated in the top right hand corner of Junkatolli. It was added to the island on January 25 2012. The way it works is that if you have too much of a certain item and can't be bothered to recycle it lots of times, then you go to Dirty Dozen Trader.

Drop an item that you have 12 or more of and it will automatically get rid of them all returning your seeds with a 20% bonus. (eg if you are trading 12 of an item that costs 30 seeds, you get 432 instead of 360).

If you are feeling lucky then step up and take a chance. You will hear one of 3 noises. A wa wa waa noise if you get less seeds by taking chance, a dlinnggg if you get more, and a fanfare if you win a prize. (Yes you can win a prize).


  • Water bottles, being 150 seeds each, will give the most seeds (1800) plus 20% (2160). If you get times five, you will win 9000 seeds.
  • It's best to go and trade on a full energy bar just in case you win an orange.

How taking chances works - the odds of winning things. Edit

(The original amount is the amount of seeds x12. Eg the original amount of 12 bottle caps is 360 seeds.)

  • Getting 75% of the original amount - 20%
  • Getting the original amount back - 35%
  • Getting 150% of the original amount - 20%
  • Getting twice the original amount - 5%
  • Getting five times the original amount - 5%
  • Getting a prize - 15%

The prizesEdit

There are currently 8 prizes that you can win from the prize chance. Remember there is only a 15% chance of winning a prize at all! Some are really cool, such as eggs and oranges, and some are really lame such as a bottle cap. The items:

  1. White balloon
  2. Bottle cap
  3. Dala egg
  4. Spot egg
  5. Konrad egg
  6. Orange
  7. Wooden egg (revisited)
  8. ??? (please edit when you find out what the other item is)

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