Blueberry hill

Some tinkas in blueberry Hill.


Blueberry Hill is the highest point of Tinkatolli. When you log on, you automatically end up in Blueberry Hill.

In Blueberry Hill you will find lots of blueberries that reset upon every re-entry. In the middle is a white Tinkatolli logo, and around the sides there are bushes and tubes to the other places.


Blueberry hill used to only have 23 or 24 bling, but now the number is a lot more varied. There can be as low as 11 for non-members, and as high as 38 sometimes, for members.


As of the release of level jr., once you get to level 1, you can start the Cavern Crystal Quest by clicking the scroll in the top-right corner of Blueberry Hill. Whilst doing the Cavern Crystal Quest, you don't need to return to Blueberry Hill to do any other parts.

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